How Feng Shui Academy Works

Chinese Dragon

Feng Shui Academy provides face to face courses.

Feng Shui is a complex art, not easily learnt from books. English language books cover just a fraction of the feng shui knowledge outlined in traditional Chinese texts.

Learning from books is a start, but only a start.

Clear Feng Shui knowledge requires face to face training with a master deeply familiar with traditional feng shui and the underlying Chinese texts.

Feng Shui Academy provides highly focused face to face training. Class sizes are limited, allowing the interaction needed to clarify new concepts.

Feng Shui Academy courses provide a clear understanding of basic feng shui concepts, and how they relate to deeper feng shui principles. Master Mina Zheng draws on case studies with Western clients to explain how Chinese feng shui interacts with the modern world.

Course participants receive detailed course notes, for on-going review of key concepts.

Enrol in Feng Shui Academy today, and deepen you understanding of this fundamental Chinese art.

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