Chinese Astrology – Ba Zi and Four Pillars of Destiny


Course Outline

Day 1: The Fundamentals of Chinese Astrology

This introductory Chinese Astrology course teaches key concepts needed to understand human destiny. Bazi is the foundation for learning other branches of Chinese metaphysics, including Zhou Yi (I Ching) prediction and feng shui.

After completing this course you should be able to use the Ten Thousand Year Calendar, understand your own Bazi charts and life cycles.

  1. The Yin Yang Philosophy
  2. The Five elements theory
  3. Introduction to the Chinese calendar – the Chinese way of recording the time and the cycles
    • The Ten Thousand Year Calendar is a basic tool for Bazi, I Ching prediction and Feng Shui practice
  4. How to use the calendar
    • The history and contents of the calendar
    • Chinese – English conversion charts
    • The Twenty Four Jie Qi – The time rules for Ba Zi
    • o The stems and branches recording system – The sixty years cycle
  5. The Ten Heavenly stems
    • The meaning of each heavenly stem and its nature
    • The relationships between the heavenly stems – comparable, support, destroy, clash, combine
  6. The twelve earthly branches
    • Each earthly branch and related animal sign
    • Each animal sign indicates a time and a direction
    • Relationships among the 12 animal signs - clash, combine
  7. How to plot BaZi charts and luck pillars
  8. How to analyse destiny
  9. Case studies
  10. Questions

Day 2: Chinese Astrology – Ba Zi in depth analysis

This course will be more focusing on life events and destiny analysis

Introduction Zi Ping – Balancing the water

1. In Depth understanding of the Chinese Calendar
  • Five Tiger Chasing month
  • Five Rat Chasing hour
    • 2. House of conception
      3. House of life
      4.Hidden Heavenly stems in Earthly Branches
      5. 12 cyclical position of elements
      6. The Ten Gods and Their Nature十神心性
      7. The Lucky deities (stars) 吉神
      8. The unlucky deities 凶煞(xiong sha)
      9. How to choose a suitable career
      10. How to define whether a year is lucky or unlucky流年吉凶(liu nian ji xiong)
    11. Case studies
  • Questions
  • Day 3: Chinese Astrology – Ba Zi Terminologies and case studies

    The third day teaches the BaZi terminologies, translated from Chinese texts by Mina Zheng. It shows how to judge a person’s health, sickness, wealth, power, marriages, etc. This day also teaches how to select an auspicious date for important event, such as: wedding; moving into a new house; opening a new business; building a new house etc.

      Ba Zi terminologies translation
      1. Ba Zi terminologies for health
      2. Ba Zi terminologies for wealth
      3. Ba Zi terminologies for power
      4. Ba Zi terminologies for reputation
      5. Ba Zi terminologies for relationships

    Date Selections

    Date Selection Methods
      1. Noble man method
      2. Star method
      3. Green Dragon method