Ba Zi --- The Four Pillars of Destiny

Ba Zi

The Four Pillars of Destiny are also named "Eight Characters"(Ba Zi). It is Chinese Astrology, and a study of human destiny, life and logic.

Ba Zi is a scientific study, not fortune telling or some kind of religious or superstitious practice. Through birthday analysis, you will not only learn about your fortune, relationships and health, but also your elements and yin yang combinations, and your strengths and weaknesses. Awareness of this information will allow you to harmonize your mind, body and soul with the living environment at a deeper level.

To analyze the pillars of destiny, first we need to convert a person's birth data into Chinese characters by using a "Ten Thousand Year Calendar". The four pillars consists of the year, month, day and hour of birth. Each pillar has two characters that represent a heavenly stem and an earthly branch, each character represents an element (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth) in the forms of yin (Negative) or yang (Positive). When a person's birth data has been expressed in the Chinese calendar, every item becomes a symbol of elements. We can immediately see the composition of elements in our moment of birth, which exactly reflects the elemental components of our destiny.

Why study Ba Zi?

Personality Analysis – To discover a person’s character, nature, behaviour and potential. Finding a person’s weaknesses and strengths. Finding the potential of wealth, relationships and health.

Destiny Analysis – To investigate the life path or destiny of a person. Exploring the past, present and future through 10 year cycles, annual and monthly cycles.

By understanding your life, you can manage your life better. Such as: Finding a suitable career by using your strength, rather than working in an area of your weakness. Maximize your wealth through opportune timing, minimize losses.

Ba Zi knowledge can also help you to analysis a particular event that occurs or will occur at a given place and time.

Chinese Astrology – Ba Zi and The Four Pillars of Destiny