Authentic Feng Shui and Ba Zi Training

Feng Shui Academy provides high quality face to face feng shui training. Based in Sydney Australia, courses are run throughout Australia and South East Asia.

The courses are presented in English by Chinese born Feng Shui Master Mina Zheng. Along with a classical Chinese education, she has been awarded the Feng Shui Master title by the famous Grand Master Shao Wei Hua in Guangzhou.

Mina Zheng has worked as a feng shui consultant for Western clients for more than a decade, providing clear explanations of complex feng shui concepts.

Feng Shui Almanac

2013 Horoscope, Lucky Day Calendar and Flying Star

Mina's 2013 Chinese Horoscope and Lucky Day calendar are available here.

Who should attend Feng Shui Academy courses?

The courses are suited to feng shui practitioners, also those interested to know more about this powerful Chinese art and how it enhances prosperity and well being.